Best Automotive Lubricant Tips: You Must Know Before Buy

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Best Automotive Lubricant Tips: You Must Know Before Buy

An Automotive Lubricant Manufacturers is generally a fluidic substance with the primary operation of minimizing friction between surfaces. These reduce energy loss arising from friction. It has wide applications like cleaning, cooling, and preventing metal parts from rust and corrosion. It helps in preventing many such challenges an automobile faces during its functioning.

Characteristics of an Automotive Lubricant

Automotive Lubricant helps in the following ways:

  • Helps to run the engine efficiently
  • Prevents damages
  • Helps in extending the life of the engine
  • It is essential for the proper working of an engine

Constituents of a Lubricant:

A lubricant is made up of two ingredients:

  • Base Oils: Base oils consists mostly of mineral oil or synthetic oil. The mineral base oil can be taken from a distilling process while processing crude oil. Synthetic base oils are made by further processing mineral base oil through laboratory treatments. The base oil can be divided into four groups, usually depending on the purity level of that oil.

  • Additives: Additives, form only 10-30% of the lubricant's composition. Their main function is to improve or add desirable properties to the base oil. Properties like reducing friction, managing deposits, improving viscosity index, and sludge through detergents-dispersants additives.

Lubricants are created with specific additives & base oils based upon the application and the advantages expected from them.

Uses of Lubricants:

Lubricants have a wide range of uses which are enlisted below:

  • They are used inside the engine. Good engine oil with lubricant would help in a clean, rust-free engine. These oils would improve fuel efficiency and performance. They greatly increase your engine's life and minimize vehicular emissions.

  • These lubricants are used mainly in automobile gearboxes i.e., manual, automatic etc. They are developed generally with high viscosity base oil and selective additives. That ensures superior protection of gear parts from high mechanical pressure in the engines.
  • Hydraulic oil with lubricants is used to transfer hydrostatic power in hydraulic machinery.

ADOLF7 Automotive Industries Private Limited – one of the leading Lubricants Manufacturers in Delhi. A good lubricant is a necessity for any machine, for a variety of reasons. Lubricating oil should be changed regularly for optimum performance, as advised by the vehicle manufacturer.

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